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My name is Ruchi Dangwal, and I’m an experience and interaction designer and artist. I have recently completed my Masters in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC).

(..Before that, I did my Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology of Science (BITS)-Pilani, India; and simultaneously taught myself traditional and digital art skills. Being an engineer has taught me how to face challenges head-on and quickly analyze for the best possible solutions – and I find this to be an essential ability in order to be a good designer!)

To me, design is a multi-faceted, iterative process of finding the best way to solve a problem.

At the ETC’s highly collaborative, fast paced work environment, I’ve constantly learnt how to create better user experiences for a variety of technologies, through rapid prototyping and iterative design. I worked on three semester-long client projects, each spanning 16 weeks: LifeOnline, Questmania, and SMASH. I also participated in ETC’s legendary rapid-iteration game creation course, Building Virtual Worlds. Each of these projects has taught me how to quickly and effectively deal with a unique design challenge, and take on various roles to make sure the team works harmoniously to create a great experience for the end user.

All in all, being at the ETC and working with my wonderful teams has given me exposure to unconventional and conceptual forms of game design and interaction design. Each design challenge has taught me to explore design outside my comfort zone and think beyond a given prompt or client issue. Each project has made me find a new way to produce efficient and aesthetically pleasing interfaces to make services and software easier to use.

As an empathetic individual, I am passionate about crafting meaningful experiences for perspectives similar or different from my own. Each product I work on contains decisively crafted messages to tell a cohesive story. In addition to optimizing usability, I aim to inject delightful interactions into products to facilitate communication between people with objects, their environment, and each other – on varying scales. In the future, I want to create meaningful experiences that are a confluence of excellent design and narratives, and explore the limitless power of interactive storytelling and innovative gameplay – to find cool new ways of invigorating minds across various boundaries of geography, culture, age and gender.

You can find me here on the official ETC website.

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