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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Pittsburgh PA, USA

UX Designer
Feb - May 2017

I worked on Thermo Fisher Scientific properties (websites and apps) to create design hierarchy, process/screen flows, concept sketches, annotated wireframes, interactive prototypes, high fidelity visual mockups. I conducted site-wide design audits on and to unify their visual design as per Thermo Fisher’s pattern library and style guide. I also developed redesigns for’s site-wide search function.

Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh PA, USA

UX Designer
Nov 2016 - Feb 2017

Created wireframes, mock-ups, and icons for “Relatively Simple”, an Android tablet app that teaches Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity.

Opportunity Education Foundation, Next Generation Learning

Pittsburgh PA, USA

Product Designer
Jul - Oct 2016

Worked in the Experience Design team to develop NGL’s existing learning platforms (tablet app and website), and design new products with the R&D team.

Conducted research and concept design of new app features and game products.

App design: wireframes, hi-fidelity mockups, and end-to-end UI design.

Playtesting paper prototypes and conducting testing with learners.

Produced detailed design documentation and recommendations.

Colonial School

Pittsburgh PA, USA

Product Designer
Jan - May 2016

Created “Smash!”: an iOS game app teaching computational thinking and problem-solving to children with behavioral and learning issues.

Created all UI design, branding materials, and visual design for this game.

Winner of “International Serious Play Awards 2017” Silver Medal.

Winner of “Let’s Play PA 2017” Digital College Student Award.

Opportunity Education Foundation

Pittsburgh PA, USA

Product Designer
Aug - Dec 2015

Created “Questmania”: an Android tablet app teaching OEF’s curriculum and life skills to underprivileged children in United States and Tanzania.

Created all UI design and assets, communication and visual design.

Designed high level single and multiplayer gameplay, conducted playtests.

Lending Hearts

Pittsburgh PA, USA

Product Designer
Jan - May 2015

Created and published “LifeOnline”: an iOS and Android tablet app promoting creativity and companionship for a virtual community of children with terminal cancer.

Created UX design, UI assets, and game design documentation.

Developed a unique visual style and created more than 150 graphic art assets.