Hi, I'm Ruchi. 👋

I'm a 
Product Designer. UX Designer. Visual Designer. Problem-Solver. Dreamer.

I create human-centric design through rapid prototyping and iterative design. My design solutions explore new ways of positively transforming users’ individual and interpersonal behaviors.

Here's some of my design work.

To me, design is a multi-faceted, holistic process of finding the best way to solve a user’s problem. In each of the case studies below, I map the design journey: the process of discovering the problem and creating the best solution.

Product / UX Design


Read about my process for designing an app prototype that serves as a virtual community for museum lovers.

Read time: 10 min

User Research, UI Design


See how I conducted user research and designed UI for an award-winning action-filled puzzle game that teaches computational thinking and strategic problem-solving.

Read time: 18 min

UI / UX / Visual Design


Read the process for creating an app that teaches life skills and provides self assessment to underprivileged high schoolers.

Read time: 10 min

User Research, UI Design

Lending Hearts App

See how I conducted user research and designed UI for an app promoting creativity and companionship to a community of children with cancer.

Read time: 15 min

Let's talk more.

Collaboration across disciplines and cultures is not only integral to my process – it is something that I enjoy immensely. It enables me to solve problems effectively and efficiently, and to share the joy of creating impactful products and services.

I would love to connect and discuss how we can collaborate on creating something great.

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